Journey at Scoobees

What a Parent sees at Scoobees

Every minute of your child’s life is planned and the curriculum is set to develop a child’s social, mental and physical faculties. To ensure consistent and high quality education, our curriculum is planned for the whole year, broken by month, day and hour-by-hour. So every teacher knows exactly what and when to impart the Scoobees world class curriculum. We train our teachers to impart exactly the same content at the same quality every single day to every single child. Out structured curriculum helps the child settle fast and adapt to the learning environment. Check out our daily curriculum sheets when you visit our schools.

Every month starts with a new thematic concept and the entire curriculum leads into activities, play, games, rhymes, worksheets which reinforce the concept. In the process a child achieves comprehensive cognitive skills which develop attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for later school success. Our integrated, consistent program focuses on:

  •    Language and early literacy that aims to address the needs of a whole child.
  •    Numeric , quantitative skills, geometric, spatial activities
  •    Experiential learning, social and emotional development, teacher-child relationships
  •    Thematic units of – child’s identity, family, friends, physical senses, nature, and transitions

Activity based learning

Learning through fun and frolic

What a Child sees at Scoobees

The child embarks on a day of fun, frolic, activity and freedom! So what does a day at Scoobees look like for a child:

The morning starts with a prayer (religion agnostic), followed by a “freeplay” activity which allows a child to make choices of educational toys and feel comfortable with the environs.

We follow it up with a circle and rhyme time after which we introduce the concept for the day and follow it up with a plethora of activities to reinforce the concept.

All through the day the child experiences – interaction with a loving and caring teacher, meeting other children and constantly developing social skills, joy of a colorful classroom, exploring the outdoors, playing with sand & water, writing/painting/doodling, being independent and responsible.

Events & Celebrations

Events and Celebrations are an important part of any civic society and reinforce the values and rituals of a great culture and also help us all connect with the social and physical environment around us. We at Scoobees believe a child’s early learning should incorporate a variety of event celebrations to develop their cognitive skills in context to a milieu they will grow up in.

We conduct a wide variety of events to capture, festivals, nature, sensory learning etc ,some of which involve the parents and family, some involve the external world and a glimpse of the same is given below: